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Each day, a staggering 50,000+ new domains go to auction.
You will miss golden opportunities. That's why we made:

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There are 2 ways to make money with domains: resell at a profit or build a business off it.We constantly crawl marketplaces for new domains. Then, rank each one by several dimensions.We throw out the trash and give you the treasure.

Find Your .com

No other domain gives you instant credibility. Good ones are not hard to find! Many short .com names list for auction every day.

Reasonable Prices

Domains that won't break the bank. We won't send names where you need to take out a small business loan.

Thoughtfully Categorized

We categorize domains so you can quickly focus on your interests. Such as, domains that may be great for SEO. Or ones that may be good investments.

Multiple Marketplaces

Coming soon! Right now, we focus on Godaddy but we plan to crawl Namecheap, Dynadot, and many more. No more checking tons of sites.

"What if I took the same product and slapped on a new premium dotcom domain.
I started seeing the conversion rates jump 2-3x. Same EXACT product, just a new domain, more customers.


  • Aren't all good .com's already taken? Not at all. Many short dot coms appear on the market every day at reasonable prices.

  • What is a premium domain? One that is already registered and more valuable because of its brevity, memorability, keyword relevance, or past usage.

  • How often do you detect new domains? About once a day.

  • How frequent is the newsletter? Once a day.

  • What if I don't want to give away my email? We're working on a free app to search domains. No login required! Check back soon.

  • How do I bid on auctions? We're working on a guide to Godaddy auctions.

  • If I win, how do I use the domain? Also working on a guide.

  • How do I resell a domain that I've won? We're working on a guide here too!

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